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PET/PP Packaging Solution and Bottle Blowing Technology
It is the goal of Jiubao Machinery to manufacture two-step hollow forming machine with excellent performance,
stability, durability, easy operation and affordable price for customers.
Precise blow moulding, suitable for containers used in beverage, food, medical, cosmetics/personal care industries

Our services
Focus on Service and Create Value by Intentional Service
Technical support
Customer training
After-sale service
High Quality Automatic Bottle Blower
Provide the best blowing process plan according to your products, and provide a complete set of mold design to ensure that the cap (injection mold) and the bottle body (blow mold) are matched perfectly.
Before or at the beginning of the delivery of the bottle blowing machine, Jiubao professional technicians will
Carry out comprehensive and detailed training for technical personnel and operators of customers.
Interactive with customers to answer questions and puzzles for customers and familiarize them with bottle blowing machines.
Ensure long-term stable operation and safe production of bottle blowing machine in the future production process
Jiubao bottling machine has experienced engineers and technicians, providing timely, professional and efficient after-sales service. High-quality after-sales service is reflected in the machine failure, in the shortest possible time through the telephone or network to assist customers and give solutions, if necessary, quickly arrange technical personnel to repair at home.
The main products of Jiubao Machinery are: QG series full automatic, manual and semi-automatic two-step bottle blowing machine and various shapes and specifications of bottle blowing moulds. The main machine parts are selected from Germany, Japan, Switzerland, Korea and Taiwan and other international well-known brands.
About us
Brand positioning and attentive service help you realize brand value of bottle blowing machine
Why do we do this?

More than 20 years of experience in bottle blowing machine production, products throughout every industry, covering every industrial city, our production of machinery market performance and price is relatively high, won the praise of customers.
What are we doing?

Help customers to provide product processing solutions, technical guidance, after-sales maintenance, etc., our machinery in 33 cities of the national agent, after-sales outlets covering the whole country

A professional bottle blowing machine enterprise, with
Advanced mechanical equipment, fully equipped, with mechanical engineers,
Professional Engineer
Over 20 Years'Experience in Bottle Blower Manufacturing

A series of optimization solutions for the design, production and processing of high-end automatic blowing equipment for customers
A resolution. Over the years of development, the company has accumulated Fengyan bottle-making design and production technology.
Practical experience.
Machining High Precision Dies with High Precision Machining Center
Excellent cooling effect
Excellent production technology
Strict quality requirements

Corporate culture

Taizhou Jiubao Machinery Co., Ltd. adhering to the enterprise spirit of "pragmatic, honest, hard work, innovation", has made great strides in the past 20 years.

High starting point will have higher quality, elegant environment, advanced equipment, efficient team, creating a number of high-quality products.

Service case
Standard equipment
Serving customers
News information
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Jiubao High Quality Bottle Blower
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Company Address: Wang Linshi Village, Beicheng Street, Huangyan District, Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province

Contact number:0576-84357551
Phone number:18969602092

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